LEAD - Kent ISD's Strategic Plan

LEAD Leadership in Education, Advocacy and Development

The Kent ISD School Board approved and adopted a three-year strategic plan in February 2022 highlighting the organization’s values, vision, mission and goals for enhancing education in the region. The plan is named LEAD, Leadership in Education, Advocacy and Development, and is the result of months-long planning. The plan was developed by a group of more than 40 ISD staff and community partners using the data from more than 1,200 respondents to focus groups and surveys which included staff, partners, parents and students. This plan focuses on and guides our work as we continue to lead learning.

Core Values

Part of the LEAD process involved re-imagining our core values. These values animate the Mission, Vision and goals of the organization.

  • Relationships
  • Learning
  • Equity
  • Opportunities
  • Innovation
  • Service
  • Excellence


Kent ISD partners with our schools and communities providing enhanced and equitable opportunities to enrich the experiences and achievements of our learners.


Building thriving communities through meaningful partnerships and equitable educational opportunities for all learners.


Goal 1: Position Kent ISD as a leader for student-centered programming and regional educational services.

Kent ISD is the fourth largest ISD in the second most populous region in Michigan. This positions the organization to not only be a regional leader, but also a model for quality statewide.  Kent ISD’s goal is to be the premier destination for high-quality student and school district programming - one that meets the needs of all students and districts.

Goal 2: Build an organizational culture of transparency and accountability.

Internally, a culture of transparency and accountability builds a culture driven on setting and meeting goals. It also promotes the notion that decisions are made using evidence. Externally, it demonstrates that Kent ISD is a good steward of resources.

Goal 3: Recruit and retain a thriving, diverse and inclusive workforce.

The foundation of any high-functioning organization is a highly-skilled, self-motivated and thriving workforce, with the right people in the right positions. To best meet the needs of all learners, Kent ISD’s workforce should reflect the diversity of its diverse student population.

Goal 4: Demonstrate Kent ISD’s value as a community partner.

As a regional education service agency, Kent ISD has an obligation to use its resources, talent and expertise to serve the community at large. This includes intentional community outreach and awareness around the services available through Kent ISD.

Goal 5: Proactively address the evolving needs of the work environment.

Talent is any organization’s greatest asset. Kent ISD must meet the evolving needs of the workplace - including ensuring talent is productive and well supported in their roles. Needs range from leveraging technology to instituting more streamlined business processes to distributed work opportunities.

Our Process

A primary motivation in developing a new strategic plan is to ensure we serve our stakeholders as effectively as possible. This is why feedback from community members, students, parents and staff have been central to our process from the start.

  1. Surveys and focus groups with key stakeholders (Aug.-Oct. 2021)
  2. Analysis of findings (Nov.-Dec. 2021)
  3. Community forum to share results and develop goals (Jan. 2022)
  4. Approval of the strategic plan by Kent ISD School Board (Feb. 2022)
  5. First update presented to the Kent ISD School Board (Feb. 2023)
  6. Second update presented to the Kent ISD School Board (Aug. 2023)

Next steps: Every program and department continues to take action based on the goals established  - some developing new initiatives and others continuing work that aligns with our new goals.

Kent ISD will reassess our strategic plan every three years to ensure that it optimally serves our stakeholders' needs.

Strategic Plan Updates

LEAD Strategic Plan December 2023 Update Presentation

The latest progress report to LEAD was presented during the December 18, 2023 Kent ISD Board Meeting. Click or tap on the image to see the report.








The Lead Logo

The LEAD logo uses the Kent ISD color palette and includes a graphic with 3 elements that symbolize multiple aspects of our strategic plan -

  1. forward momentum and progress we'll see as we implement our plan
  2. our work internally, locally and beyond
  3. education, advocacy and development as in the LEAD name
  4. the three phases or years of the strategic plan cycle

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