Your Dream is Our Dream

Celebrating Student Success

Share Your Student Success StoryYour Dream is Our Dream is an initiative of Kent ISD and its member districts to showcase student success stories at every step of the education journey in our schools and unique programs. It features interviews with and stories of students who are succeeding at every level from early childhood programs to pre-K, K-12, Adult Ed, Special Ed and Center Programs, along with the educators who are helping them reach their dreams and goals. When our students succeed, we all succeed.




The Your Dream is Our Dream Podcast

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Empowered student leaders are reaching dreams with school support

Their dreams are as diverse as their backgrounds and experiences, but one thing scholars in Kent ISD’s Student Leadership Community have in common is that their educational experiences are helping them reach their goals beyond high school.

Future chef, baker and business owner achieves recipe for success

When she’s not in school or studying, you may find Rubi Esquival-Estaban in the kitchen trying out a new recipe or baking a favorite treat for her family.

Stories from School News Network

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To be or not to be, or be all the things

When East Elementary Principal Anne Waldie recommended that School News Network meet Demitri Velazquez, she said, “I can’t wait to hear what he’s going to say.” 

Read what he had to say in this School News Network story.

Students connect their dreams to careers, college

Townline Elementary School fifth-grader Owen Worden chatted with Capt. Lori Misch about what it’s like to be a police officer.

Read their story here on the School News Network.

Your Dream is Our Dream: Celebrating Student Success 

Listen to the Your Dream is Our Dream Podcast by Kent ISD and WGVU Public MediaA new podcast from Kent ISD & WGVU

Your Dream is Our Dream: Celebrating Student Success brings you conversations with students and educators that ignite and inspire dreams. Students from all levels of education share in their own words how learning connects them to achieving their goals and exploring their ambitions.

Kent ISD is proud to partner with WGVU in showcasing student success and how teaching and learning help make dreams come true. 


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